(freshly baked each morning – be quick, because once they’re gone they’re gone!)
Pains au chocolat£1.75
Pains aux raisins£1.95
Saffron buns£1.00
Cinnamon knots£1.95
Kernow curls£2.50
Sweet treats
A selection of muffins: for example, triple chocolate, lemon meringue, treacle toffee apple, fruity carrot cake£1.95
A selection of tray bakes: for example, chocolate brownie, millionaire’s shortbread, fruit and nut granola£1.95
Cornish cream tea – two scones (plain or fruit), Rodda’s clotted cream, Boddington’s Berries strawberry jam and a cup of tea£4.75
Scones: fruit or plain£1.00
– add butter£0.15
– add strawberry jam£0.75
– add clotted cream£1.00
Mars Bars, KitKats and Twix£0.75
Sandwiches (freshly made each morning)
Egg mayonnaise (no salad)£3.50
Ham and cheese (no salad)£4.00
Cheese and pickle ploughman’s (with lettuce, tomato and cucumber)£4.00
Tuna mayonnaise (with lettuce and cucumber)£4.00
Brie with real ale and apple chutney (with lettuce, tomato and cucumber)£4.00
Chicken and chorizo with mayo and salad leaves£4.00
Prawn with seafood sauce and salad£5.00
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to customise these sandwiches unless we are very quiet.  Please don’t ask us to do so if there are other people in the queue.
Children’s lunch bags
Sausage roll, ready salted Hula hoops, carton of juice or bottle of Simply Fruity plus a surprise sweetie!£3.00
Cheese and onion cocktail pasty, ready salted Hula hoops, carton of juice or bottle of Simply Fruity plus a surprise sweetie!£3.50
Savoury snacks
Sausage roll£1.50
Cheese, potato and onion cocktail pasty£2.00
Vegan spicy bean roll£2.50
Cheese scone (from Baker Tom) with butter£1.75
Burts crisps: ready salted, salt and vinegar, cheese and spring onion£0.80
Hula Hoops: ready salted£0.50