Summer 2020

First of all, welcome, we are very happy to see you!  We are so glad to be open for the 2020 summer season, albeit a few months later than planned, and we really hope that you have all managed to stay healthy in body and mind during these challenging times.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are going to need to do things a bit differently this season, as you’d expect.  In order to try and keep everyone safe and well, we will have fewer staff in the café than normal so we won’t, unfortunately, be able to make food fresh to order like we normally do … although we will still have plenty of good things for you to eat and drink!  You’ll also notice that we have removed our tables, both inside and out, so that we can make space for people to queue safely.  Our staff will be wearing visors and gloves, and of course we’ll be cleaning and sanitising everything, and washing our hands, even more than usual.  We would respectfully ask you to:

  • stay at home if you are feeling unwell in any way
  • use our website / Facebook page / paper menus or boards outside the café to decide what you would like to order before coming in
  • wherever possible, please only send one family member to order (we realise that you may occasionally need to bring a child with you, but please keep them close to you)
  • avoid touching things inside the café as far as you can
  • pay using a card (ideally contactless) or do your best to have the right money – if you have to round up, we promise that we will put any extra into the Lifeboats collection box at the end of the day!

Despite all our previous efforts to run our business in an environmentally friendly way and to avoid plastic and single-use products, we have reluctantly made the decision to revert to disposable cups, ‘glasses’, cutlery, etc, for this season.  We would ask you to please take all your rubbish home with you for recycling / disposal.  If everyone does this, it will help to keep the beach, the sea and the village clean, safe and pleasant for us all to enjoy.

Thank you so much for your support.

This too shall pass …

Persian proverb